REDWOOD Tripod Board

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This is just a little idea we had so that you can use your table outside in the awning. We do screw small plastic feet in the corner to raise it off the ground. This board raises the table top 35mm higher than a standard installation of the floor base. 




This tripod board comes on it's own with nothing attached as standard, so this relies on you adding the accessories you need to go with it carefully, I'll explain this below. 


If you are ordering this as an addition to the leg already installed in your vehicle you will need to add the floor base of your choosing using the drop downs above. 


If you are planning to buy this as a complete free standing leg system in your motorhome or in the awning you will need to add the components using the drop downs above as follows: Add a floor base (this screws to the board), cap (this goes in the floor base), table leg (this goes into the floor base on the board) and table connector (this screws to the table top). If you would like the floor base fixed to the tripod board please leave a message with your order at the cart.