Frequently Asked Questions

What size and format image do you need to make me a table in the size I want?

For us it has to be 150dpi or higher to keep a good quality product, some people will stoop lower, but not us. (That’s 600 pixels per 100mm run of table)

for example: if you want the table 1000mm x 500mm, the image has to be 6000 pixels by 3000 pixels

Obviously vector based images are fine as they are infinitely scalable but If you are looking for images on google, Selecting 6MP or higher would be the best place to start, but the bigger the better really.

What are your tables made from?

The core of our tables are made from 15mm Birch ply and are edged with a flexible PVC edging to keep the edges soft.

How durable is the surface on your table tops?

Our tables are printed using an external grade UV resistant vinyl and laminated with a scratch resistant surface on top.

What edging do you put on your tables?

Our tables are wrapped with a flexible PVC table edging to give it a soft edge, we don’t want any tears from the kids as they have hurt their eyes do we!

Are the sizes exact?

No, the sizes quoted on our site listings are the image size, there will be 7mm of our PVC edging all the way round, making them 14mm larger than indicated.

If this is an issue please get in touch as we can adjust any image to allow for critical sizes.

As these tables are made of wood does it show through the print?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the product sometimes the grain will show through. 

We buy and use a pre-finished 15mm baltic birch ply and sometimes imperfections like knots etc are removed and replaced with a patches and or strips. Although we do try and utilise the boards to avoid these, there are times when laminating the print on the board will align over a slight undulation on the surface which will show through. As said though we try our best to avoid this scenario.