REVIEW: Louise Bustin

Just like to say a big thank you to all the guys at ” The Chippy’s workshop ” I upgraded my original “Superhero’s” table top to the new tough table version with the same design, having owned both types of table I can honestly say that spending just a little bit more cash on the tough version is money well spent, having spent the bank holiday Glamping in the van at a beach I can honestly say that the table shrugged off any abuse we could throw at it, pots, pans, beer bottles, kids toys and even sand didn’t make a single mark on it ......... thanks again guys, one very happy camper.

REVIEW: Colin Western

Check out my Valentino Rossi Moon and Sun table from Chippy.

Here’s another, this Tim in the stowed position in the rear quarter of my T 5.

And finally, with the rear table dropped. Great job done by there’s boyz. Done to spec quickly and great quality.